AQUAcarrier information

  • AQUAcarrier
    € 39,95

    Taking a shower safely or splashing in the swimming pool with a baby. It’s possible with the ByKay AQUAcarrier. This unique carrier is made of fast-drying soft fabric and it enables to carry a baby in a safe and comfortable way under the shower or on the (slippery) swimming pool floor. It can be used from the very first day until 15 kg. and protects against UV rays for 98%. Winner of the French award Grands Prix 2010!

    • One size fits all
    • Lenght 5 meter / 16ft. 5’’.
    • Width 70 cm. / 27’’.
    • Up to approx. 15 kg. (33 lbs)
    • 100% polyester


We understand that, since we have such a complete range, it might be difficult to discover which carry one should use for a carrier. And even though all of our products come with instruction booklets, we hereby present them to you on one page. You can either download this instruction booklet for the AQUA, watch the video and find particular information on this ByKay product. You can also find the AQUA’s product images on this page.

Size chart Aqua Carrier ByKay

The AQUAsling is super easy and the perfect partner around water. It is easy to put on and off, providing support and secureness. On this page you find all the information about the carry, images and booklets of this sling. Please note that this carrier has the same carry as a normal ringsling. So if one is farmiliar with a ringsling, there will be no problems putting this ByKay sling on.

Size chart Aqua Sling ByKay

  • AQUAsling
    € 29,95

    Like the Ringsling, the AQUAsling is worn on one shoulder and hip. One can carry the baby in the shower, in the pool or at the beach. This sling is made from fast-drying soft stretchy fabric and is very easy to put on and off.

    • Up to 15 kg (33 lbs)
    • Form birth to approx. 2 years old
    • One size
    • 100% polyester
    • A-symmetrical wear
    • Hip
    • Length sling: 2 meter / 6ft. 7’’.
    • Width: 70 cm. / 27’’.